What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?


Acora supports young people getting a foot in the door through the RMIT Work Integrated Learning Program. This blog article was authored by RMIT intern Lachlan Scouler.

So you have heard about DXP - Digital Experience Platforms - but you are not sure what they are or why you should have one. Let's explain.

DXPs are platforms that can support customised and context specific digital and online experiences. Think about the Content Management System (CMS) that runs your website but better - with integrated user management, advanced forms, delivery of geolocated content or content with other personalisation with deep integration to other databases.

DXP software platforms are emerging to meet the requirements of a company undergoing digital transformation. A DXP’s purpose is to provide a better digital experience for both customers and employees, adding efficiency and leveraging the value of your user data.

Three Categories of DXP

Portal DXP

Designed primarily for business to business sales (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) sales, fromto fintech and manufacturing for customer-support initiatives focused on loyalty, retention, and renewal.

Commercial DXP

Primarily used by retail brands in order to push promotional content onto their own e-commerce websites. Providing pre-purchase, shopping carts and inventory management.


DXPs Offer analytics and persona-based segmentation for pre-purchase consumer-facing websites, including customer acquisition and nurture - demand generation and delivering personalised promotion.

A History: From CMS to WEM to DXP

The Jargon

CMS = Content Managment System

WEM = Web Experience Management

DXP = Digital Experience Platform

Software in this space has evolved with the demands of digital marketing and engagement teams. XP vs CMS vs WEM

CMS came first - since the late 1990s CMS created and managed text and image content through both desktop and later mobile platforms

As the social web came to the fore, so did the need for business integration and delivery of content personalisation. The solution that evolved was WEM. However, WEM were designed for marketing departments only and were not connected to business databases such as CRM or ERP.

As online competition has increased it is more and more important for companies of all sizes to create great digital experiences. The demand for greater integration has grown along with the growth of headless or other content architectures. Combining capabilities together and you get DXP - allowing for fully integrated customer experience able to cross all channels.

Benefits of Digital Experience Platforms

Some of the benefits of DXP are listed below

  • Better touchpoints - customers have better means to access and interact with your business - through surveys, blogs, news letters, direct email, etc.
  • Intelligence architecture - flexible micro-services enabling continued delivery of complex applications, allowing a company to further evolve its technology stack.
  • AI power - can discover hidden information within massive amounts of data, helping customers find what they want when they want.
  • Personalisation for customers - provide each customer with an experience catered specifically to them, learning customer patterns and improving the experience at every touchpoint.

Acora is an Ominichannel Digital Experience Platform

With built in forms, user management and analytics, eCommerce with trade pricing and content syndicated between multiple websites and mobile applications Acora, a DXP tool,  can support and drive the digital needs of your whole business. Take control of your customer journey and create fantastic digital experiences today.


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