Transform your forms with Acora: Streamline workflows, enhance engagement.

Welcome to the future of forms management and digital workflows with Acora. Designed with the needs of marketing managers and IT professionals in mind, Acora offers a comprehensive solution to streamline complex form creation, multiparty signatory workflows, approval processes, and data management. Our platform blends ease of use with robust technical capabilities, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your organisation.



With its easy-to-navigate interface, you can quickly create forms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But don't let the simplicity fool you; under the hood lies a powerhouse of advanced features.

Rich field types + dependencies

All conceivable field types are available with custom configuration on each field as well as advanced field dependencies to allow intricate data capture.

Rich field types for custom layouts and data capture

Field dependencies personalise your data capture

Unlimited personal signatures

Configure as many personal signatures to be captured at different points during the submission process. Configure post processing workflows for efficient submission handling.

Configure a Personal Signature field that is required for only that user but is visible to all

Only the user identified as Owner 1 will be able to edit their signature

Pricing & payments procesing

Set up pricing and collect calculated payments on form submission.

Calculate the Amount Due depending on selections made on one or more fields then users go through the shop which can use any standard payment gateway.

Custom styles

Use your own branding, styles and colours Increase customer engagement by branding all of your forms.

Data security

Enterprise level security of all data with encryption of data at rest and digital signing of form submissions available.

Use Single-Sign On & Multi Factor Authentication for increased secutiry of access.

Custom integrations

Optimize communication and submission processing with additional integration options.

Use custom integrations with SharePoint, StarRez, CRMs or talk to us about other requirements.

Enhance communication and collaboration with SMS and Teams integration in Acora CMS. These additional workflow options provide versatile channels for notifying and engaging with users, improving response times and collaboration efficiency.


You can set up intricate form workflows, design wizard-style forms, and implement personalized displays based on user roles. Moreover, our Forms Manager seamlessly integrates multiparty signatory workflows, elevating its utility for complex organizational needs. And, to ensure you get the most out of these features, Acora includes free training as part of its subscription, continually enhancing your team's proficiency. Whether you are setting up basic forms or navigating the depths of its advanced capabilities, Acora's Forms Manager stands as an indispensable tool in your digital arsenal.

Simple to start:  Get up and running quickly with our user-friendly interface.

Acora's Forms Manager stands out for its user-friendly interface, making form creation accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. This ease of use empowers teams to quickly deploy forms for various purposes, from simple feedback forms to complex surveys, without needing extensive training or technical support. The straightforward, drag-and-drop interface reduces the time and effort required to design forms, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their data collection processes.

Advanced capabilities: Create wizard-style forms and set up multi-party signatory workflows.

Beyond basic form creation, Acora's Forms Manager is equipped with advanced functionalities like conditional logic, multi-step processes, and personalized displays based on user roles. These features enable the creation of sophisticated forms that can adapt to user inputs, collect detailed information, and streamline complex data collection tasks. The advanced features are ideal for creating dynamic forms that can serve various organizational needs, from HR processes to customer engagement strategies.

Customization: Tailor the forms to match your brand's unique style and colours.

Customization is a pivotal feature of Acora CMS, empowering you to tailor forms to reflect your brand's unique style and colours. This customization capability is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a cohesive brand experience across all customer touchpoints. By aligning the look and feel of your forms with your brand identity, you enhance brand recognition and trust. Whether it's adjusting the colour scheme to match your logo, selecting fonts that resonate with your brand's voice, or designing a layout that reflects your brand's ethos, Acora CMS's customization options ensure your forms are an extension of your brand. This level of personalization not only captures the essence of your brand but also creates a more engaging and familiar experience for your users.

Free training: Enhance your team's skills with our comprehensive training program.

To ensure users fully leverage the Forms Manager's potential, Acora CMS offers comprehensive training as part of its subscription. These training sessions cover everything from basic form setup to utilizing advanced features, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to handle any form-related task. The training is designed to continuously improve the skills of your staff, empowering them to create more efficient, effective forms as your organization's needs evolve.

Versatile form elements: Catering to every conceivable need of your organization.

Whether you’re designing simple surveys or intricate data collection forms, our platform provides the building blocks to realize your vision. This flexibility is at the core of our form design philosophy, ensuring that you can create forms that not only gather essential data but also engage users effectively. Beyond these essentials, Acora enriches your forms with content controls, allowing the integration of rich text, tables, images, and more, to make your forms visually appealing and informative. This blend of utility and aesthetics ensures that your forms not only capture essential data but also resonate with your audience, enhancing engagement and response rates.

With Acora, you have the tools to create forms that are not just functional but also a reflection of your organization's professionalism and attention to detail.



Rich field types:  From text and number fields to currency and date selectors, we’ve got you covered.

Acora provides a diverse range of field types to suit all your data collection needs. From simple text and number fields to more complex date pickers and file upload options, our Forms Manager allows for the collection of various types of data. This versatility is crucial for businesses that require detailed information from users, such as demographic details, feedback, or specific requests. The ability to tailor fields precisely to the data needed ensures the accuracy and relevance of the information collected.

Control types:  Utilize checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, segmented controls, and more.

Engaging users is key to successful data collection, and Acora CMS's variety of control types like checkboxes, radio buttons, and sliders make forms interactive and user-friendly. These control types are not just functional but also enhance the user experience, encouraging better response rates and more accurate data submission. They are particularly useful in surveys, polls, and any form where user engagement is critical.

Content creation tools:  Insert rich text, tables, images, and other elements to enhance your forms.

To make forms more than just a data collection tool, Acora CMS includes content controls that allow the addition of rich media like images, videos, and formatted text. This capability transforms forms into engaging, informative tools that can serve as part of your content strategy. By incorporating multimedia elements, forms become more appealing and can effectively communicate important information, instructions, or branding elements to the users.

List Management:  Efficiently manage dropdowns and auto-complete features.

List Management in Acora CMS is a powerful feature designed to enhance user experience and streamline data input processes. Efficient management of dropdowns and auto-complete features is crucial for forms that require users to select from predefined options. This not only speeds up the form-filling process but also minimizes user errors. Dropdowns can be customized to contain relevant options, making it easier for users to find and select the information they need. The auto-complete feature further simplifies data entry, especially for forms requiring detailed or repetitive information. By predicting and suggesting inputs based on the first few characters typed, it significantly reduces the time and effort required from users, improving overall satisfaction and accuracy in data submission.

Dynamic Workflow Management: Efficiency of form submission processing is key

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient workflow management is key to organizational success. Acora rises to this challenge with its dynamic workflow management capabilities, designed to streamline your processes and enhance productivity. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage various aspects of your workflows, from simple task assignments to complex approval processes. Signature fields, both personal and digital, are seamlessly integrated, enabling secure and verifiable transactions.


The inclusion of customizable data tables and user fields provides the flexibility to tailor data collection and management to your specific needs. Master/detail views further enhance your ability to display and manipulate data effectively. Location and attachment features expand the utility of your forms, allowing for comprehensive data gathering and storage. Moreover, our responsive layouts ensure that your workflows remain efficient and accessible across a range of devices, providing a consistent experience whether on a desktop or a mobile device. With Acora, you have a robust platform that adapts to your unique workflow requirements, ensuring that your processes are streamlined, secure, and efficient.



Signature Fields:  Incorporate personal and digital signatures with ease.

Acora CMS's dynamic workflow management system includes comprehensive signature field integrations. This feature is essential for forms that require legal acknowledgment or approval, such as contracts or agreements. Users can add their signatures directly within the form, facilitating a smooth approval process. This functionality is particularly beneficial for organizations that deal with contracts, HR documents, or any documentation requiring authenticated approval, streamlining the approval process and reducing turnaround times.

Data Tables and User Fields:  Customize data tables and auto-fill user information.

The platform allows for the customization of data tables and fields, ensuring that you can tailor the data presentation according to your specific needs. This flexibility is invaluable for organizing and displaying complex data sets, making them easier to understand and analyze. Whether you’re collecting customer feedback, employee information, or financial data, these customizable tables and fields ensure that your forms can handle and display the data effectively.

Image and File Upload and Attachment Features:  Securely upload and store various file types directly within forms, with customizable limits on file size and format to suit organizational needs.

Attachments in forms are a vital feature for collecting additional, often detailed, information from users. This functionality in Acora CMS is designed to be both robust and user-friendly. Users can easily attach files, be it documents, images, or other types of files, directly within the form. This feature supports a variety of file formats, catering to diverse requirements, whether it's attaching a resume for a job application, a legal document, or a photo. The platform ensures secure uploading and storage of these files, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the data. Furthermore, Acora CMS can be configured to limit file sizes or types, ensuring that the attachments are consistent with the form's purpose and organizational needs. This feature enhances the versatility of forms, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from administrative processes to customer engagement forms.

Customization and Styling: In the realm of digital interaction, the visual appeal and branding of your forms are as important as their functionality.

Acora understands this and offers extensive customization and styling options to ensure that your forms not only work well but also look great and resonate with your brand identity. Our theme integration feature allows you to align the look and feel of your forms with your organization’s branding, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance. From colour schemes to font styles, every aspect can be tailored to reflect your brand's aesthetic.


The support for multi-page forms enhances the user experience, particularly for more complex data collection processes, making navigation intuitive and user-friendly. For those who wish to delve deeper into customization, Acora provides CSS customization options, offering complete control over the design and layout of your forms. This level of customization ensures that your forms are not just functional but also an integral part of your brand’s digital presence. With Acora, you can create forms that are not only efficient in data collection but also effective in reinforcing your brand's image and engaging your audience.



Responsive layouts:  Ensure a seamless experience across devices.

In today’s mobile-centric world, having forms that are responsive and accessible across various devices is crucial. Acora CMS guarantees that your forms look great and function perfectly on any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This responsiveness not only improves the user experience but also ensures that you can reach a wider audience, as users can access and complete forms on the go..

Theme integration: Align form aesthetics with your brand.

Acora CMS's theme integration and customization options ensure that your forms align perfectly with your brand identity. This feature allows you to customize the visual aspects of your forms, including color schemes, fonts, and layouts, to match your corporate branding. Consistent branding across all forms reinforces your brand identity and creates a more professional appearance, enhancing trust and recognition among users.

Multi-page support:  Design multi-step forms with ease.

For more complex data collection needs, Acora CMS supports the creation of multi-page forms. This feature is essential for lengthy surveys, applications, or registrations, where breaking down the process into multiple pages can make it more manageable and user-friendly. Multi-page forms prevent information overload and improve user engagement by providing a clear, step-by-step process.

CSS customization:  Dive into detailed styling with CSS options.

Unlock the potential of complete design control with CSS customization by developers in Acora CMS. This feature allows for intricate styling adjustments, providing the ability to fine-tune the visual aspects of your forms to perfectly match your brand's aesthetic and enhance the user experience.


Integration and Compatibility

In a world where digital ecosystems are increasingly interconnected, the ability of a platform to integrate seamlessly with other systems is crucial. Acora excels in this domain, offering robust integration and compatibility features that ensure your forms and workflows blend seamlessly into your existing digital infrastructure. Our platform fully supports integration with SharePoint 2016 and 365, allowing you to manage and store your form data effectively within your existing SharePoint environment. The integration is not just about data flow; it’s about enhancing the functionality and efficiency of your operations. Additionally, Acora offers full Azure AD Authentication, ensuring that your data is not only easily accessible but also secure. This level of security is essential in today’s digital landscape, where data protection is paramount. Our commitment to cross-platform support means that Acora is as effective on mobile devices as it is on desktops, providing a consistent and efficient user experience regardless of the device used. With Acora, you can be confident that your form and workflow solutions will integrate smoothly with your existing systems, enhancing your overall digital strategy.

SharePoint Integration: Effortlessly sync with SharePoint O365.

Integrate effortlessly with SharePoint O365, enabling smooth data flow and storage. This feature ensures that your forms and workflows in Acora CMS work in tandem with your existing SharePoint environment for cohesive data management.

Single-Sign On (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA): Leverage robust security features for user authentication.

Benefit from the robust security features of Azure AD Authentication in Acora CMS. This integration ensures that user access is secure and compliant with your organization's security protocols, enhancing data protection.
Cross-Platform Support: Access Acora on desktop and mobile devices.

Acora CMS is designed for flexibility, offering full functionality across desktop and mobile devices. This cross-platform support ensures a consistent and accessible user experience, no matter where or how users choose to access the platform.

SMS and Teams Workflows: Optimize communication with additional integration options.

Enhance communication and collaboration with SMS and Teams integration in Acora CMS. These additional workflow options provide versatile channels for notifying and engaging with users, improving response times and collaboration efficiency.

Advanced Capabilities

Acora is not just about creating forms; it's about providing a suite of advanced capabilities that elevate your form management to new heights. Our platform is designed for organizations that require more than just basic form functionalities. With features like smart forms, which include calculations and rule-based workflows, Acora addresses the needs of complex data collection and processing. These advanced capabilities ensure that your forms are not only interactive but also intelligent, adapting to the users' inputs and providing a tailored experience. Beyond form creation, our platform offers extensive workflow customization options. You can define events, actions, states, and exceptions, creating workflows that align perfectly with your business processes. This level of customization extends to offline capabilities as well, ensuring that your forms are always accessible, even in environments with limited internet connectivity. With Acora, you are not just implementing a form solution; you are adopting a platform that can grow and evolve with your organizational needs, providing advanced capabilities that drive efficiency and innovation.

  • Smart Forms: Implement calculations, rule-based workflows, and input limits. - Elevate your forms with intelligent features in Acora CMS, including calculations, rule-based workflows, and input limits. These smart forms adapt to user inputs and conditions, making data collection more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Workflow Customization: Tailor workflows with events, actions, states, and exceptions - Customize workflows in Acora CMS to fit your unique business processes. This feature allows you to define specific events, actions, states, and exceptions, creating a workflow that aligns perfectly with your operational needs.
  • Offline Capabilities: Ensure uninterrupted form submissions even without internet access - With Acora CMS, continue to collect data even in the absence of an internet connection. Offline capabilities ensure that form submissions are not interrupted, syncing data once connectivity is restored.

Documentation and Training

At Acora, we believe that the true power of our platform is unlocked through knowledge and expertise. That's why we place a strong emphasis on documentation and training, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to utilize all the features and capabilities of our system. Our comprehensive documentation covers every aspect of the platform, from basic form creation to advanced workflow management, providing a valuable resource for both new users and power users. We understand that each organization has unique needs, and our training program is designed to cater to these variations. Whether you are a novice looking to understand the basics or a seasoned professional aiming to leverage the platform's full potential, our training sessions are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Organizing forms into folders and the ability to search for forms are integral parts of our system, ensuring that managing your forms is as efficient as creating them. With Acora, you receive more than just a software solution; you gain a partner committed to empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

  • Comprehensive Guides: Access rich documentation for users and power users - Acora CMS offers extensive documentation, serving as a rich knowledge resource for both regular users and power users. These guides cover a wide range of topics, from basic functionalities to advanced features, ensuring users have the information they need at their fingertips.
  • Organized Form Management: Easily search and categorize forms - Streamline your form management with Acora CMS's efficient organization capabilities. Easily categorize and search through your forms, making managing a large number of forms simple and intuitive, thereby saving time and enhancing productivity.
  • Robust Training Program: Schedule training sessions to enhance team capabilities - Acora CMS includes a substantial training program, offering scheduled sessions to develop and enhance your team’s skills. This program ensures that all users, regardless of their initial proficiency, can fully utilize the platform’s capabilities.

Additional Features You’ll Love

Acora goes beyond the standard features expected from a form management platform, offering a range of additional capabilities that will delight and surprise you. Our user-friendly portal is not just a feature; it’s a gateway to a seamless form management experience, allowing easy access to and navigation of available forms. We understand the critical importance of data security in today’s digital landscape, which is why we offer data encryption at rest on a dedicated server, providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety of your sensitive information. Personalized form views are another standout feature, enabling you to create different questions for different roles within a single form workflow. This flexibility is crucial in managing complex processes that involve multiple stakeholders. Additionally, our verified TLS email transport ensures that your email communications are secure and reliable. These features, coupled with options for SMS and Teams workflows, demonstrate our commitment to providing a comprehensive, feature-rich platform that caters to the diverse and evolving needs of modern organizations. With Acora, you get more than just a form management tool; you get a platform that understands and adapts to the nuances of your business processes.

Portal Access: Easily navigate through forms with our user-friendly dashboard.
Navigate through your forms with ease using Acora CMS's user-friendly portal. This feature enhances user experience and productivity by providing a simple and efficient way to access and manage forms.
Data Encryption: Ensure the security of your data at rest.
Acora CMS ensures the security of your data with robust encryption at rest. This feature is critical for protecting sensitive information and maintaining compliance with data protection standards.
Personalized Views: Create role-based form views for streamlined workflows.
Create forms with personalized views based on user roles in Acora CMS. This functionality allows for tailored experiences, making forms more relevant and efficient for different users.
Advanced Spam and Security Protections: Safeguard Your Forms with Advanced Spam and Security Protections in Acora CMS.
Incorporating advanced spam and security protections is a crucial aspect of Acora CMS, ensuring the integrity and safety of your data. These measures, including sophisticated CAPTCHA systems, two-factor authentication, and robust spam filters, play a pivotal role in safeguarding forms from malicious activities and unauthorized access. Choose from Google reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha or Friendly Captcha – the choice is yours based on your requirements, international audience or data privacy considerations. The CAPTCHA functionality helps in distinguishing human users from automated bots, preventing spam submissions and data breaches. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and modify forms. These robust security protocols are essential in maintaining the trust of your users and upholding the credibility of your data collection processes, making Acora CMS a reliable and secure choice for form management.
Verified TLS Email Transport: Secure your email communications end-to-end.
Secure your email communications with end-to-end TLS encryption in Acora CMS. This feature ensures that all email transmissions are secure and protected from interception or tampering.

Form Versioning and Audit Trails: Enhance Compliance and Quality Control with Form Versioning and Audit Trails in Acora CMS.

Form Versioning and Audit Trails are vital features in Acora CMS, offering unparalleled control and oversight over your form management processes. These features provide a comprehensive history of each form, detailing every change made, along with who made it and when. This level of detail is crucial for maintaining compliance, especially in regulated industries, and for ensuring the quality and accuracy of the forms over time. The ability to revert to previous versions adds a layer of security, allowing form managers to quickly correct any errors or revert unwanted changes. This not only improves the reliability of the form management system but also enhances accountability among team members, making it an essential tool for any organization that prioritizes data integrity and compliance.