Police Association of NSW

Secure online voting, member information management forms, rostering system, salary calculation, and other services for one of the largest state police departments in the world.


PANSW Website & Mobile Apps

PANSW represents the professional and industrial interests of approximately 16,500 members, covering all ranks of sworn Police officers in NSW. The NSW police force is one of the largest state police departments in the world.

The secure collection of web and mobile applications served by Acora CMS provides online membership services, e-communications tools, and online transactional tools to connect the members and the association in real time.

Business Advantages

  • Integrated, central management of multiple websites and mobile apps
  • Distributed, permissions sensitive publishing workflows
  • Long term content archival and legal compliance
  • High performance for traffic peaks during votes and member related events
  • Best practice security and operational standards

Features and Modules

  • Secure membership data management forms
  • Member services portal and native mobile apps
  • Complex web forms
  • Social media integration
  • News and media releases
  • Member email communications
  • Streaming audio and video