Dementia Support Australia

A beautiful, responsive, accessible website with Salesforce integration, dynamic maps, rich resources library, and fancy landing pages.

Acora CMS is behind the Dementia Support Australia (DSA) website which is a 24 hour referal service for an audience with significant accessibility needs.

About the DSA Website

Dementia Support Australia (DSA) is an Australian government funded national partnership led by Hammond Care. This service brings a diverse range of dementia expertise from across the aged care industry of Australia through a network of offices across the country. DSA consultants provide timely, on-the-ground support, maintaining local knowledge and relationships.

Acora provides secure and stable delivery of their key service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


Acora has enhanced accessibility tools and features

Enhanced Accessibility Features

Out of the box, Acora has accessibility built into the core - which are easily enhanced further. 

DSA have an older audience with special needs. Using Acora they are able to deliver a large font website design  that works on every device with strong contrast while maintaining an attractive and vibrant design. 

In addition a text size toggle, built into Acora is deployed to enable users to choose a font size that suits them.

Capturing Customer Information with Advanced Forms 

Acora has an advanced form system. 

The DSA website uses Acora lead capture form and subscription forms to capture information. The forms are integrated with Salesforce for further marketing of DSA services.

Screenshot of Acora's lead capture form lightbox

Other Acora Features Used

Tabbed Content

Thumbnail oftabbed-content-step2.png
Thumbnail oftabbed-content-step1.png
Thumbnail ofsimple-tabbed-content-step3.png
Thumbnail ofsimple-tabbed-content-step1.png

Condensing Information

Tabbed content is available in Acora with an easy to use editing interface.

Content tabs can be a great way to condense information into a digestible format for your site users. DSA use tabs in their site for just this purpose.

Accordians or Expanders


Expanders (also known as accordians) are available out of the box in Acora. They are great for content where you want to tunnel read the headings and then open those that are of interest. Dementia Support Australia use expanders for their Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs and also in their resources library.

Yes, you can choose the heading level of the content expander to suit where it is in your content structure. These expanders have heading level 4 in the page hierachy. 

Yes, any content type can be placed in an accordian from simple tables, content blocks, forms, pictures, video, audio you can even stack your expanders.


Content Collections

Acora has the ability to automatically create collections of content that are filterable using a simple point and click interface. This makes it easy for websites to create resources libraries, news or events feeds or information portals. 

On the Dementia Support Australia website their factsheet articles are uploaded as accessible pdf documents. Each article has a webpage and an attractive thumbnail. The DSA resources library collects these articles together into the library you see. All that was needed to create this library is to configure with a few clicks a widget that you can drop on any page in your website.

You can create custom categories and tags centrally or add tags as needed to the articles themselves to create dropdown lists to filter and search your collection.

Any type of content can be turned into a collection with Acora.

Rotating Feature Banners

Acora's rotating features (known as banners or rotators) are available to use on any page of your site. Although we do recommend you use them sparingly. 

On sites like DSA they are used to highlight latest services and messages to the audience. They can have one, or two calls to action and as many individual features as you would like (although again, we recommend only a few). Authors can adjust their height to suit their needs and there are a number of transitions available.


Setting up infographics is easy with built in or custom icons or graphics. 

Screenshot of an infographic created easily with Acora

The DSA site uses infographics as an additional means of navigating the website other than their traditional navigation.


What you can Expect from Acora

Acora comes with your choice of template included in your package. This template is selected by you when you start using Acora and can be updated or changed entirely by request. All Acora templates meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines.

Out of the box you will have all the authoring features that you could need to create a great experience for your customers or website users. Access to the Acora resource library is free as is individual training when you sign on for a 12 month plan.

If you want a special, customised and bespoke website design for your site or you would like at AAA WCAG compliant design you can contact our development partner DDSN Interactive.